The Law Firm of ILS LLP was founded early 1993 as Kazakhstan began its journey as an independent state. International Legal Services LLP currently represents a team of highly skilled professionals equipped with vast experience of work in various law practice areas, including lawyers in the field of civil and criminal law.

ILS Law Firm specializes in providing corporate support services to major oil, pharmaceutical and construction companies conducting business operations in Kazakhstan.

As a company being located in Almaty, we have successfully been providing our services in New York, Moscow, Minsk, Saint-Petersburg, Nicosia, Sofia, Bucharest, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Malta, Astana, Aktau, Atyrau and Uralsk etc.

Throughout its 26-year-long presence in the market, ILS Law Firm has proved to be a reliable company in the field of law, and is capable of delivering any tasks entrusted with it to the highest standards and in timely manner.

ILS Law Firm does not only deal with issues related to legal support services for enterprises in the conduct of their business operations, but also provides the required assistance in the course of communications with the governmental authorities (General Procurator's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan for civil service affairs and anticorruption (Financial Police), RK Ministry of Internal Affairs and Customs Control Committee of RK Ministry of Finance etc.) Our experience of work with the governmental authorities throughout the entire territory of the Republic helps us tackle any of your urgent tasks at hand.

Our ability to address any and all issues, custom-tailored approach and service as well as our aspiration to deliver the ultimate convenience to you as our Client is what constitutes the corporate culture of ILS. We are doing our very best to provide legal services that are in line with the highest international standards, and therefore meet or even exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Clients are well-known companies such as: Miele (Germany), JSC “Novosibkhimfarm” (Russia), “LANDMARK Partners” (Korea), “HEINEKEN” (Netherlands), “ThyssenKrupp AG” (Germany), “HYUNJIN EVERVILL” (Korea), “PUMYANG CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD” (Korea), “FMC Kongsberg International AG” (France), “Institute of Asian Culture & Development” (Korea), CJSC “Russian Copper Company” (Russian), JSC “Nephrite&Ceramics” (Russian), “Vitamax” (Russia), “Chart-Air” (Great Britain), ATF Bank "UniCredit" (Italy) to name but few. 

Our Partners are: Russbrit Law Company.LTD, "Proxima", Consulco International Corporate Group.

ILS Law Firm would be pleased to provide you with legal assistance and support in any area of your business that is subject to legal regulation both within the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation.