Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their businesses, and helps reduce financial risks and minimize administration and financial expenses. And this, in its turn, allows primary activities of a company to be conducted in a more efficient manner without being side-tracked by related processes. Accounting services for your business is a modern-day and effective solution for a whole range of tasks.

We offer you a unique opportunity to use services by a complete pool of well-qualified and expert accountants and taxation specialists.  The numbers of your staff do not need to be increased! We do not need office space and expensive equipment, we do not take vacations, sick leaves or maternity leaves. Our employees are constantly improving their skills, and are fully set up and ready to safeguard the interests of your company with any governmental institutions. We are available for continued and full-time cooperation, and are ready to make reports for a specific period too (quarterly and annual reporting). As practice shows, the services of our professionals will cost you less than if you maintained a permanent accountant. Our experience and skills in the field of accounting and and tax reporting are in place to exclude and eliminate any and all potential financial risks and errors in accounting, and avoid distortion or loss of data and prevent punitive sanctions from being imposed.

With many years of experience and expertise in evaluation and proven techniques in the area of accounting services, we render the full range of services to our clients, including:

  • Complete accounting and record keeping
  • We guarantee that all the works and services entrusted with us will be performed to the highest standards and in a timely manner. The Company ensures that its own professionals conduct all the required operations as part of Comprehensive Accounting Services. Your tasks will be addressed only by vastly experienced professionals and experts.
  • Maintaining individual sections of financial and tax accounting.
  • Settlements with suppliers and contractors
  • Payroll and Salary Administration
  • Settlements with buyers
  • Maintaining tax and statistical reports based on client's information and data
  • Functioning as a Chief Accountant should our client have its accounting department
  • For the purposes mentioned above, our company is adequately positioned to provide specialists for work at client's headquarters, or implement remote quality and accuracy controls over financial and tax reporting conducted by your accountants. 
  • Project Services

The Company has a great deal of experience in implementing accounting verification and recovery projects, commodity and material valuables inventory count for manufacturing and trading companies, and provides support to its clients in tax auditing and renders taxation consulting services as well.