International Legal Services LLC is delighted to have the opportunity to offer you language translation services.

More than sixty nine world languages, more than a hundred professional translators / interpreters with extensive practical experience are at your service.

To date, we translated more than 150,000 pages of text and interpreted more than 10 000 hours of speech since we launched our company.

More than 100 international events were conducted in a warm atmosphere of mutual understanding thanks to our interpreters.

We'll help you overcome any difficulties associated with translation / interpreting. Please, read all information contained in this leaflet.

Become closer through understanding

While interpreting international speeches, it is not just important to convey the word-for-word meaning of a phrase, but also grasp linguistic subtleties and make these clear. Professional simultaneous interpretation does not dilute the speech, while preserving shades of meaning, conveying an implied sense of idiomatic expressions and emotional context in a manner most understandable for a native language speaker.

Interpreters at International Legal Services LLC will make every effort to deliver accurate interpretation services while interpreting or adapting foreign language materials.

At your service at any time and for any time:

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation;
  • Interpreting telephone conversations through audio-conferencing;
  • Guide-interpreter services.

Including adaptation of international video, audio, advertising content and software localization.

We rent out equipment for simultaneous interpretation at client request.

Accurate Written Translation

Our company takes pride in the fact that we can address, manage and deliver any translation-related tasks to the highest standards. Texts of any complexity are managed and translated accurately while specific professional terminology, slang and related expressions are correctly handled and rendered as appropriate.

Our specialists, both Russian-language certified professionals and native language speakers will conduct the necessary linguistic assessment of any text and provide their respective conclusions and recommendations in a form which is most suitable for the client. Document notarization services are available too.

Have your foreign language challenges managed by our professionals!

  • Quick - our translators perform both on weekends and at nights. By maintaining an extensive network of professionals available to start working on your translation project immediately, we can state that: If you require that your translation project is delivered on a tight schedule, you can rest assured that we will meet your needs to that effect. Professional - we only employ truly experienced people. The values that guide our business: verification of translation quality and adherence to the highest standards - Company Credo.
  • Client-oriented - being an absolutely client-oriented business means satisfying all your requirements and delivering high quality products to you. Just tell us what you need and if this is a translation-related project, You Got It! Full range of services: Text assessment prior to subsequent proof-reading and prepress;
  • COMPETITIVE – Reasonable prices and flexible discount rates are in place to make sure that you get the best quality at an affordable price.
5-Step Quality Control Process
  • Document is translated by a professional translator
  • Document is proofread by a team of proofreaders
  • Document is formatted to mirror the original document
  • Document is checked by the project manager for quality and accuracy
  • Final document is delivered to the client

The God divided people by mixing languages. Professional translation is the tool that brings people closer together. Specialists at International Legal Services have that tool at their fingertips.