Managing criminal law suites at all stages of criminal proceedings (pre-investigation check, preliminary investigation and all judicial levels of review):

  • Defending interests of a suspect or accused person;
  • Defending interests of a complainant;

Providing legal support if the lawyer has not previously participated in proceedings of a criminal case as follows:

  • Reviewing criminal cases and providing legal counsel;
  • Preparing procedural documents;
  • Appealing against action or inaction of an interrogator, investigator, prosecutor or a judge;
  • Various motions and statements with regards to a law suit;
  • Filing claims to the court for compensation of financial losses and moral damages caused as a result of a crime;
  • Filing claims for compensation of harm caused as a result of illegal acts by the body conducting criminal proceedings;
  • Appealing against a sentence, ruling and decision by the courts of all levels (first instance, appellate instance, cassation instance and supervisory instance courts).

Defending interests of a convicted person in the process of court sentences and rulings being executed:

  • Preparing complaints and statements with regard to actions or inaction by personnel of an authority involved in execution of a court judgment;

Preparing motions with regard to:

  • Change of a correctional facility designated pursuant to the court judgment for a person sentenced to imprisonment;
  • Conditional pre-schedule relief from serving the punishment, substitution of an unserved portion of a sentence with less severe punishment, and cancellation of conditional pre-schedule relief from serving the punishment due to any disease;
  • Deferred sentence for pregnant women and those having young children.
  • Cancellation of conditional relief;
  • Relief from punishment or commutation of a sentence following issuance of a criminal law having a retrospective effect, or following an act of amnesty;
  • Advisement in the execution of sentence.