• Managing civil cases in all law practice areas through all civil courts of justice (land disputes, inheritance disputes, housing disputes, contestation over the right of ownership, debt recovery and collection, recognition of transactions as null and void, etc.)

•  Providing support to negotiations between the parties:
a) Pre-trial resolution of any issues, providing legal assistance in the process of negotiations and arrangements being made by concluding respective agreements, pre-trial settlement of disputes of any nature (business-related, land, housing and inheritance disputes etc.);
b) Reviewing civil law suit materials and preparing legal expert opinions;
•  Preparing procedural documents;
a) Filing law suits to the court;
b) Filing objections or statements of defense to the court;
c) Filing complaints against action or inaction of the judge;
d) Amicable settlement;
e) Various motions and statements with regard to a law suit;
g) Appealing against a sentence, ruling or decisions passed by any courts (first instance, appellate instance, cassation instance and supervisory instance courts).