Rendering of assistance in reception of the following kinds of the license: 

  • The license for employment by activity in sphere of a revolution of narcotics, psychotropic substances;
  • The license for employment by security activity;
  • The license for the right of realization of activity according to property; 
  • The license for manufacture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail realization of medical products;
  • The license for realization of activity in area:
    a. Architecture
    b. Town-planning
    c. Constructions
    d. Realization design and survey, expert, civil and erection works
  • The license for realization of works on manufacture of building materials, products and designs
  • The license for designing and construction industrial explosion and fire-dangerous and mountain manufactures, main gas oil a wire, elevating constructions,
  • The license for designing of boilers, vessels and the pipelines working under pressure, installation chisel, gas and oil, the prospecting, mountain - mine equipment, the hardened electrotechnical equipment, the equipment and monitoring systems, protection and the signal system, elevating constructions.